...Pitch Your tent within me, gracious Master; take up Your dwelling in me now and remain in Your servant unceasingly, inseparably, to the end...
St. Symeon the New Theologian

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3 years 1 week ago

Welcome! My name is Jim M and I am a recovering addict and alcoholic from St. Louis. It feels great to be posting a bit of experience, strength and hope on this new website and hope that it becomes a safe place for people to share their 11th Step experiences with others so we can learn and grow. I took an Introductory Workshop to Centering Prayer in 1996 when I was ten years sober and knew intuitively that the practice was what I had been looking for to experience spirituality on a deeper level and to be open to the promises of recovery.

3 years 1 week ago

I grew up in a world of "should" and "can't." The journey to "may, can, and will" has been long in terms of chronology. I started placing my behind on a cushion each morning nearly 20 years ago. The journey has been counter intuitive - the action which has produced the most change is non-action and the thinking that has made the most difference has been no-thinking. But in terms of distance the journey is incredibly short. Where has it lead me? Most recently to the observation that I was companioning Sisyphus in his journey up the hill.

3 years 1 week ago

This was the seventh year we've had this all 12 step, 10 days, silent retreat and the past few years have been a turning point for me in being able to hold the silence.  We do a lot of meditation time.  Together in a group, 3 and a half hour of sits a day.  I wish I could put my finger on exactly what happened during that time or know for sure that this or that shift took place but I really don't know any of that.


3 years 2 weeks ago

I just returned from St Benedict  Monastery after spending 9 days in silence with my 12 step brothers and sisters.

This was my 7th retreat there in 7 years.

This time the silence was filled with fury and groans for the first 3 days until I finally surrendered and was lost to depths never experienced before. Words are powerless to describe such experience but I can somewhat measure the depth and width of what happens in silence by the way I (dis) function on "re-entry" from the retreat; this year was informative in that regard.